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Official Hmong Foundation Website!

A little about us:

Educational, cultural and recreational activities and programs are initiatives that improve the overall enrichment of the community's residents. These programs are a great opportunity to engage members of the Hmong community in activities that an help them grow personally and in turn help the community grow.

We also aim to promote, support and participate in other local projects, activities or programs conducted by community groups and organizations.


We'll be posting up information regarding our other HBL leagues in the Twin Cities, Sacramento, Merced and Fresno, CA. Please email hmongfoundation@gmail.com for more information or if you wish to be contacted. 

We're currently looking to hire a Basketball Director for our Twin Cities, Carolina, Sacramento and Fresno HBL affiliated leagues. The Basketball Director will be responsible for recruitment, promotion, and supervision of the league. Salary is $100 per team registered.  Please email us if you're interested.

Twin Cities HBL

We're accepting High School and men's recreational teams for the inaugural Twin Cities HBL that will be starting later in February. Registrations are by teams only on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Captain/Coach's Meeting: Saturday, February 14th, 10:30am-12noon at the Arlington Hills Community Center, Room B, 1200 Payne Ave., St. Paul.  Registration forms and fees are due at the meeting. This is a mandatory meeting for all captains and coaches who are planning to play in the league.  

We're looking to hire a Basketball Director to organize, direct and supervise the  expansion TC HBL. Please contact Sax if you or someone you know is interested. 


Our Fresno League Director is Jon Thao and will be working with us to get that league up and going. 

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